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Failing to Include Office Cleaning in Your Budget is a Terrible Mistake

Most doctors are too busy to change their own oil, just like the average chef is too swamped to fix their own roof. They may even have the knowledge of how to do so, but the point is that it is best to leave certain jobs to the trained and experienced professionals. This also lets… Read More

How Professional Cleaning Can Help Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

As an Elizabeth City homeowner, you want to know that your household is clean at all times. Aside from just looking better, it will help you make a good first impression on your house guests. Yet, even more important than that is the fact that this helps keep your home sanitized and free from dust,… Read More

Tips On Keeping Your Home Clean After Fall or Spring Cleaning Services

When you’ve had a major cleaning service provided by a professional Elizabeth City cleaning service, you want to make certain that those efforts last for as long as possible. Keeping your home clean and maintaining that spotless look that you paid for, you must be active in maintaining this cleanliness. This might seem like a major… Read More

Do You Need Recurring Cleaning Services?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home seems simple enough, but with your busy schedule, it’s easy to lose track of exactly how much needs to be done, and it’s not uncommon to fall behind. At Busy Living Cleaning, our Elizabeth City cleaning company is dedicated to helping you take care of regular cleaning tasks that… Read More

How Not Having Professional Janitorial Services Could Be Hurting Your Business

Running an Elizabeth City Cleaning Company comes with a lengthy to-do list, as well as a long list of expenses. Determining which tasks and financial obligations should take priority comes down to figuring out which ones will best benefit the business. This is where some business owners have to gain a true understanding of how something… Read More

How To Find Elizabeth City Office Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

  With all the hype in advertising you often don’t get what you need in office cleaning professionals. It can be a different story all-together once you have hired a company for office cleaning and come to find out they can’t be trusted. There are many qualities needed in an office cleaning company that business… Read More

Are You Busy?

Stupid question huh? Of course you’re busy! Everyone is busy- it’s life. We have the best kept secret ever to share with you today! So how does Mrs. Smith work all day, pick up the kids, drive to sports, cook dinner AND CLEAN the HOME……Well Shhh……It’s just modern life called Cleaning Service. Yes, big surprise… Read More

Busy Living Cleaning Launches Professional Cleaning Website For Eastern North Carolina Residents

The Busy Living Cleaning today announced the launch of their new website, as professional house and office cleaning resource for Elizabeth City area residents. The website features articles routinely added and an online monthly newsletter of home improvement tips. Future plans for this web resource include educational and user awareness guides that focus on office… Read More

Top Benefits Of Elizabeth City Steam Carpet Cleaning

The most popular means of carpet cleaning is through steam. Steam carpet cleaning that is truck mounted is the best choice for most carpet owners as well as carpet manufacturers because of its several advantages. If you are wondering what makes Elizabeth City Steam Carpet cleaning more convenient and why it is mostly preferred, here are… Read More

Elizabeth City Furniture Cleaning

  If you’ve just purchased the finest Italian leather sofa and have the loveliest wicker or teak furniture and aluminium patio tables & chairs, knowing the basics about Elizabeth City furniture cleaning will guarantee durability. Every few weeks or so, make it a point to clean your furniture pieces. To clean your patio aluminium chair,… Read More

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