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House Cleaning Elizabeth CityTrying to match the cleanliness standards of a homemaker can be a challenge for most, but for professional house cleaning services in Elizabeth City, this becomes a benchmark that indicates good service. Of course, these high standards are aimed at earning repeat business and the added advantage of being locally owned and operated give home owners an unmatched value-for-money proposition that is steadily earning more converts.


In a typical Elizabeth City house, there are countless surfaces that can pick up all manner of harmful contaminants that if not removed in time, can pose a serious risk to the health of the inhabitants. Depending on surface to be cleaned, there are different approaches that work best.

Let’s look at these surfaces and methods for cleaning them in greater detail:

Carpets: Carpets are prone to solid dirt, stains and spills, oil-based dirt, pet hair, pet odors and even pet urine. Dirt acts like sand in the works, increasing wear and tear by its abrasive presence. When combined with oil, it can get deep into the fibers of your carpet and reduce the life of your carpet by more than half.

Air Ducts: With modern climate control, such as central air conditioning, most of the air in a house is circulated through air ducts. If not regularly cleaned, air ducts are known to have up to five times more biological pollutants than the air outside the house. These contaminants can be in the form of dust, mold, pollen, mildew and dander. They can cause or increase asthma and allergies.

Tile and Grout: Floors, especially those in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms, should be cleaned along with carpets for maximum benefit. After all, there is no point placing freshly cleaned carpets on dirty floors. Furthermore, despite appearances, all stone floors are porous and water, oil and other liquids can leave behind stains, if not treated with a sealant. Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not need buffing or sealant, just cleaning around the grout lines.

Upholstery: Over time, upholstery can accumulate dirt and look shabby. Different fabrics require different cleaning methods. Some can be steam cleaned, while others that are not suitable for steam cleaning have to be dry cleaned.

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