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How To Find Elizabeth City Office Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust


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With all the hype in advertising you often don’t get what you need in office cleaning professionals. It can be a different story all-together once you have hired a company for office cleaning and come to find out they can’t be trusted.

There are many qualities needed in an office cleaning company that business owners look for. Honesty, fair prices, a trained & supervised crew being among the top qualities you need.

The question is, how to tell whether or not the cleaning crew you are thinking about hiring will meet these and other requirements you may have before you hire them.

No one wants to distrust their office cleaning company. Once it’s found that they can’t be trusted, the owner or office manager will be looking for someone else.

This leads to the first point in finding a trustworthy cleaning professional. An office cleaning company who has longevity in the business with continual service is going to be a key factor when looking and making the decision on who to trust.

There are other things you can find out about the company as well that will help you find a good cleaning crew for your office space.

  • Ask for proof of insurance and bonding.
  • Ensure they do employee background checks.
  • Ask for continuing education documentation.
  • Proof of two years or more in continuous business.
  • Adheres to ARCSI Code of Ethics.
  • Complies with legal laws and regulations for industry.
  • Provides commercial equipment, training, & supervision.
  • Require references proving they meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Courteous, professional communication.
  • Prompt handling of requests and complaints.
  • Provides fair and non-discriminatory charges for services.
  • Utilizes and adheres to a checklist during service.

Training On Sanitization Is Important In Office Cleaning

There is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing an office space. Surface cleaning uses detergents or other products to remove dirt, grime, dust, and more.

Sanitizing gets rid of germs that cause employee and management illnesses. In an office setting, many surfaces are touched by just about everyone from the copy machine and other equipment to chairs and desks to the break-room, meeting rooms, and bathrooms.

Humans develop a natural resistance to certain germs but still can take ill when they are exposed. Proper sanitization practices by the cleaning crew is vital for your business office space.

When sanitization takes place, the business has fewer employees calling in sick so business can go on an usual. Ask your prospective cleaning company how they handle sanitization and how they keep germs or viruses from spreading from surface to surface.

Find An Elizabeth City Office Cleaning Company Who Offers Flexible Service

By this, we mean your new cleaning company should be able to offer you one-time office cleaning, weekly, daily, or monthly. Unless you know you need a daily crew or weekly, you may want to be able to call them in only when needed or on a more flexible schedule.

Busy Living Cleaning hopes this information helps you to find the office cleaning company you can trust. If you would like to know more information about our services, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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