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Is It Time To Consider Becoming a Residential Cleaner?

Our Staff Works 24+ Hours Per Week

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment Opportunities We start our staff at 4 days per week, with the option to grow to 5 days per week.

You'll Gain FREE Training and Get Paid For It!

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment OpportunitiesWe believe in pairing our staff with a friendly and fun partner so you will never clean a home alone until trained. Guaranteed!

We Offer Set and Consistent Schedules

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment OpportunitiesOur staff are scheduled the same consistent days each week. This means that there is never a schedule to check. This makes it easy to plan ahead with the important things in your life. For example, if your work days are Tuesday - Friday, you can count on working every Tuesday - Friday weekly.

We Never Work Weekends or Holidays!

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment OpportunitiesOur teams start each day at 8am and finish prior to 5pm daily. Imagine having dinner with your family every evening! We never schedule weekends or holidays, so you can plan ahead to spend this time with who you love best!

Company Culture and Perks

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment OpportunitiesWe believe in rewarding our long term staff. As a result, we offer company paid perks to our staff after 1 year of employment.

Even More Benefits

☆ All staff are covered on the job

☆ Annual 1 week paid vacation

☆ Opportunity to earn tips

☆ Paid gas bonuses

☆ Free uniforms

☆ Staff is paid weekly

We Encourage Growth

Show us your abilities, commitment, and loyalty and we will offer opportunities to grow with us.

Our Business Was Founded With a Focus on Family

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment OpportunitiesWe encourage our staff to talk about their families, hobbies, and goals. We believe in encouraging our co-workers, and supporting one another. We Are A Team!

We Only Use Professional Cleaning Products and Equipment

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment OpportunitiesIt is very important to make sure that we remain the top professionals at our jobs. Learn to clean using our tried and true cleaning methods. We supply everything needed.

Is There Pride in Being a Residential Cleaner?

Of course! We are fully trained service professionals. Residential cleaning is one of the fastest growing service industries, as many now consider hiring a service to be a necessity rather than a luxury. We are proud to be the area's leader as a fully insured cleaning service provider. We provide our clients with a professional service, and with top notch customer care.

We Believe in Giving Back to Our Community

Busy Living Cleaning - Employment OpportunitiesWe are proud to be an active member in our community for food drives, we foster shelter animals and give as much as we can to the SPCA and most rewarding we assist families with children battling cancer.

We are always committed to finding additional ways we can assist in the community. Please let us know if we can help in any way. You'll often see us donating cleaning services to various charity events.

Today we continue to grow with a strong focus on family values, integrity, and joy. We have an amazing staff of 10+ employees who we appreciate and value every single day, as these amazing ladies are representatives of Busy Living Cleaning.

We are extremely proud of our growth and our ability to provide our clients with the detail of a small company, yet the support and benefits of our growing organization.

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